Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Trip to Rhode Island

Good morning fellow bloggers! This morning I am writing to you from the state of Rhode Island. Smithfield, Rhode Island to be exact. It started out as  a  pleasant trip planned months in advance. We painstakingly searched for flights and jumped on the tickets as soon as we found what we felt was a rock bottom deal. Then we were lucky enough to find yet another deal on a rental car. The hotel part was easy, we would stay at our favorite hotel in Smith Field; The Hampton in Smithfield.  Well it used to be our favorite...

What started out as a pleasant family trek to visit the in-laws, soon took a turn for the more UN-pleasant. We arrived at our final destination Friday night after being on a plane for 4 hours and sitting in airports,trains, and subways for another 4 hours while we waited on a connecting flight. Word to the wise, if you can avoid connecting flight ins DC like the plague! We started out being 20 mins early for a 1 hour layover. However, by the time we traveled to the OTHER SIDE of the airport to the gate of our connecting flight, we barely had time to woof down what was supposed to be a Calzone. However I am positive it was really a clump of rubber that was being cleverly disguised in a puddle of some red sauce like substance and wrapped in a doughy shell. Even the few bites I was able to consume set like a lead weight in my stomach for the remainder of the night.  I should of opted for the Deli sandwich. After all, how can you mess up a sandwich? Right?

I have decided that other than air travel, airports are excellent sources for three things: Getting robbed, Being Physically or Verbally Assaulted, and for People Watching.  Although I have experienced all of these while inside of an airport, luckily this trip I was able to People Watch. For those of you have never been to the Dulles Airport, it is extremely busy! Picture an assembly line that is stuffing people into airplanes as if they were they were squirting the creamy filling into the center of Twinkies. Yes, it is that congested. At one time I witnessed three flights load from the same gate withing 15 mins!  The one humorous point was provided by my LittleSnowflake. The man at the gate announced over the speaker:
 "Now boarding fight blah,blah,blah to Newark."  "Last call for Newark." 
At this point my LittleSnowflake tuned to me and asked in her most "angelic voice":
"Momma, are we going to Manure?"
The gentleman sitting next to us over heard her and jokingly(or at least I THINK he was joking) said to me:
"Ah, she has been there before?" 
 Well, my family is awake and has now joined me for breakfast. So I will say good bye for now and I am off to grab some breakfast before we head out to Massachusetts to pay a visit to Plymouth Rock.

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