Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Winter Comes to Texas ... Well Almost

It is a beautiful crisp 43 degrees this morning in the big-o-state of Texas! For some of you northerners that may not sound too cold, but for us Southern folk that's cold enough to get frost bit (in our heads anyway).

So what does this mean to a Texas girl? Well it means I had to actually venture out to the wood pile behind the shed. Now in Texas it never fails, right as a cold front pushes it's way through there is ALWAYS a right heavy rain storm in front of it. So off I go to the the woodpile: Sweat shirt, jeans, knitted scarf, knitted hat, my trusty zippered hoodie, and gloves. Obviously I also have on Boots (what else would a Texan wear?) and warm socks. All bundled up to search for DRY wood for the fireplace. To some visitor from up north I probably look silly, but to any Texan that may see me, I am quite a normal site. My trip is not in vane and I am able to rustle up a few dry logs. After a quick sprint back to the house and a few minutes back inside my cozy abode I am rewarded with a rip roaring fire!

Ahh all is well with the world now. Even Bearkat, my little gray tabby is glad for the warm fire. He shows his approval as he happily settles in front of the hearth purring contently and drifts off for another nap. It is really rough being a kitty in this house.... *wink*

Stay warm and have a SWEET day!

Here are some great choices to Cuddle up with in front of the fire:

Traditional Christmas Pudding
by Marmalady

Homemade Chili and Cornbread
by: Meg's Creations

Let it Snow Double Mint
Winter Snowflake Fondant Vegan Cupcakes

By: The Cupcake Mint

Homemade Granola - All Natural -
Preservative Free - Made with Organic Ingredients

by: Nicole's Homemade Treats


  1. Nice job! Now I want to cosy up to a fire!

  2. Those little cupcakes with the snowflake fondant OMG look so yummy! I'm drooling!

    I have to laugh at your "frosty 43 degrees" LOL tis minus 14 degrees outside my doors today! Just a week and half ago I was complaining winter hadn't arrived in Anchorage Alaska cause it was a very warm 40 degrees LOL

  3. LOL, I am glad you saw my humor. I was afraid folks would find it as funny as I did. :-)

  4. Awesome post! See ur great at blogging!! LOL all that resistance for nothing!!