Thursday, November 19, 2009

Starbucks Doesn't Let You Work In Your Pajamas

It's another crisp Texas morning! The clock reads 6am as I hop out of bed to get dressed and start my day. A typical morning; dressed by 6:05, let the girls (our two Rhode Island Reds), and give them a bit of scratch (chicken feed). Despite the nip in the air the girls are more than ready to be let out so they can roam free in search of what ever bugs have not yet begun to hibernate for the winter.

6:20am and it is time to wake my "little snowflake" and make sure she gets dressed and ready for school. While she dresses that gives me time to make her breakfast, grab a cup of coffee, and pack her lunch..... DONE!

Now my little one slowly makes her way to the kitchen for breakfast and I begin to load her backpack. DONE!

Breakfast is finished, time to rush her off to brush her teeth and then back to me so that I can fix her LONG hair. DONE!

Whew! it is now 7:18am and time for her to run out the door just in time to catch the bus for school. No worries, because our Bus driver knows her kids and is willing to wait the extra two minutes for them to run out the door and onto her waiting bus. Of course it helps a lot that they pick up at our front door... Living in the country has it's advantages. *big smile*

Alright! Momma has made sure everyone is off to their appointed places. Dad to work, little one to the bus, and the boy is grudgingly headed off to the college for his 9am class. All is well with the world and now it is time for "Momma Time." Or so I thought...

I settled into my warm office prepared to log in and start the work I had planned for the morning. HORRORS! NO CONNECTION! Disadvantage to living in the country....internet is via Radio Wave. When the towers go down , so does your connection. No problem I think to myself. I will just go reset the wireless router. So I trudge out to the garage, where the router is located and proceed to reset the router. DONE! Now back into the house, back to the office and reboot my laptop. DONE! Still no internet... Oh NO! Now panic begins to set in. Ok, let's repeat the process one more time before I call my local internet provider. Still no internet! Ok, last resort... I must call my internet provider.....*not smiling*

I have now wasted 2 hours of my precious time trying to resolve the problem myself only to make contact with what I lovingly call Voice Mail Hell. You have all been there, you call a company in search of service only to be bounced around from automated message to automated message. Wait for 15 mins, press a number and then bounce from automated message to automated message again and FINALLY if your are lucky.... a live voice. YES, we have reached a LIVE Person!

"Thank you for calling Blah Blah Blah company, how may I help you?"
"Yes, is there a problem with the internet service this morning?"
"Yes ma'am, we have towers down all over the area. "
"Is there an ETA of when this might be fixed?"
"No ma'am, presently we are trying to figure out what the trouble is so that we can fix it. We have no idea when that might be."

**by this time I am banging my head on the desk**
"Ok, thank you." -Click- and the line goes dead. Obviously the person on the other end felt the conversation was over.

Moving on to Plan "B". When all else fails, you go into "town" and set up shop in Starbucks. I try not to do this very often for two reason. 1)It involves packing up my laptop, my phone, my notebooks, etc and then unloading again once I arrive. 2) It means I actually have to "dress" for public. After all, Starbucks doesn't let you work in your pajamas.

Time to prepare. One more precious hour wasted as I change clothes (What is good for the chicken is just not good enough for the public), and pack up what I think I may need from my home office. DONE!

After driving to town I arrive at Starbucks. Perhaps this won't be so bad. I see from the sign outside that the "holiday flavors" are available. MMMM a nice hot Peppermint Mocha sounds good. *smile*

I grab all my gear, lock the truck (after all I AM in the city now), and head inside to set up my temporary office for the morning. Well apparently no one else got the "no working in your Pajamas" memo. What do I see? Local college students sitting around a table; two in PJ bottoms and hoodies, and another one in sweats and fuzzy house shoes!

LOL, so much for "Starbucks doesn't Let You Work In Your Pajamas."

Have a SWEET day!

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  1. LOL Denise!! What a morning! I am soooooo happy I dont work for Starbucks.. I loooveee working in my jammies ha ha!

  2. I would love to have the courage to show up to Starbucks here in my pjs ... I feel bad enough going out in my oversized moo moos as I call them.

    I usually get the non fat cafe mocha, but tried the peppermint one last week but didn't like the aftertaste from the syrup they use ... did you like it?

  3. Louise- They didn't have it in Sugar Free so I went with my usual. Venti Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte No whip

  4. I wait all year for the holiday flavors at Starbucks! I can't drink coffee, ugh, so I treat myself at the holidays. The gingerbread and the peppermint. They look at me like I'm crazy when I say, sugar free syrup, decaf, skim milk and no whip cream. Yea, basically take a good drink, suck the life out of it and put it in a paper cup for me will ya?? But as awful as that may sound, since I only get it a couple times a year, it tastes like heaven!

  5. Love this! Never been to Starbucks, we have two in town Neither close to me & are not easy to get to for me.

    When I worked out in the Real World - I treated myself twice a week to a White Chocolate Mocha at a Coffee Shop & Bakery that I loved to visit - Cafe Europa. Now its like twice a year I go over and snag a mocha and a super rich dessert from them