Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Winter is comming

Well not much to blog about this morning. The oldest is off to school, Hubby is at work, and my youngest is being entertained with Discovery Kids. That leaves Mom a little quiet time with the computer and a hot cup of coffee.

So, what is on the list of things to do today?

I noticed that the Hummers have gone from the backyard. No, someone didn't steal a car from my back yard (LOL I can't even afford to LOOK at one much less buy one!). I am referring to the fast little birds that visit my backyard feeders. Seems they left early this year. Typically they are still hanging around until at least the beginning of November. Hmm, maybe they know something about the weather is about to change? Anyhow, now it is time to take down the feeders, clean them out and put them away for the winter.

After that I have to bake and decorate 16 min bunt cakes. They are having and "Elegant Party" tomorrow at MDO and I volunteered to make the desert. I plan to bake min lemon bunt cakes with white chocolate drizzle and then embellish with little purple flowers. They should turn out really cute. I will take pictures and add them to my gallery.

Oh! it is getting late. I need to run. The youngest child and I have a play date at the park with a local "mommy" group.

Have a Great day all!

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