Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Reason We Need Mother's Day Out Programs.

Another day another blog. I started my day off as most Moms do, to the wonderful voices of my children echoing thru the house...

Oldest child: MOM!!!!! Tell her to stop following me!

Me: Please leave your brother alone so he can get ready for the bus. Then in the very next breath...go sit on the potty.

Oldest child: MOM!!! Tell her to get out of the bathroom! I am trying to shave.
*** Please keep in mind that he owns and is using at this time an electric razor***

Youngest child: But Momma told me to go potty.

Me: Can't you wait to shave after she goes to the potty?

Then there is blissful silence for a whole 15 mins while I escape to seclusion of my shower in the back of the house. Of course any other Moms out there reading this are probably thinking "WOW! You get 15 mins to take a shower!" I know, it's amazing but I have gradually been able to work up to that thanks to two locked doors and a radio. LOL

So I emerge from my inner sanctum showered, dressed, and somewhat relaxed. Once again to be greeted by the lively voices of my children once more.

Youngest Child: Bear is such a nice dog.
(of course she says this with the straightest of faces)

Oldest child: Bear is a cat.

Youngest Child: Is not! She's a dog.

Oldest Child: NO! HE's a CAT.

Youngest Child: Is NOT!

Oldest Child: Is too! MOM! Would you please tell her that Bear is a BOY CAT.
( I can see the mischievous grin spread across my youngest child's face)

ME: You DO realize that she is baiting you right. How old are you again? I swear sometimes it is like I have TWO 5 yr olds! Remember you are 18 and she is 5. You do NOT have to win every
argument with her.

Oldest child: Well I won THIS one. Oh, gotta run Mom there's the bus. *kiss* Luv you!
(He runs out the door while he kisses the air somewhere int he vicinity of my cheek, but not before the youngest child says loud enough for him to hear)

Youngest child: Good boy Bear, good dog!

Oldest child: Arrrrrgh!!!

Youngest Child: Momma, may I give Bear a kitty treat?

Me: I thought she was a dog? Dogs do not eat kitty treats.

Youngest child: Silly Momma, HE'S a CAT, not a dog.
(as she gives me her most Angel like smile)

We then gave Bear the boy cat a kitty treat and I grabbed her backpack so that I could drop her off at the Mother's Day Out Program in town.

WHOO HOOO! Time to myself to mentally prepare for the afternoon's battles. Such is the day in the life of a Mom.

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