Monday, April 12, 2010

What's All The Buzz About Team EEAT?

What is Team Eeat? For those of you that do not know, it is a group of Edible Artist that have brought their talents to the Internet. Team Eeat has a range of foods, from baked goods to dog treats and all the way to Entree's and Beverages. You can find Team Eeat on Etsy. If you have a hankering for some delish treats then you really should take a peek! You can find out about us on our blog.

Team Eeat has made some very important changes over the last 6 months. All of the admins have been working really hard on these changes and we are pleased to announce that we have reached the point where we can say:

All Team Eeat members are now in full compliance with their states regulations in operating a culinary business!!!

So as a consumer you can feel confident when you purchase from a Team Eeat member!

You will be able to identify team members by the following:

1. You will be seeing this water mark on the first picture of a team members photos:
2. Shop Policies under additional info will have their License or certification number

3. There shop announcement will state that they are a Proud member of Team Eeat

*** All members are in the process of adding the****
watermark, if you are in doubt check or blog or email us!!

Be aware that there are those that try to use our team tag, if you don't see all three of these then they are more than likely not a member. A list of our current members can be found on our blog or if you have questions you can email the admins at: .

If you want to get to know a little more Team EEAT come hang with us on our Saturday Snack Attack! We will be having two Snack Attacks on Saturday, April 17th one starting at 2pm est and the other will be at 8pm est. You can chat with some of our members, see some of the delish food and promote your Etsy shop too. The Attack will be held in the Etsy chat rooms!!

We look forward to seeing you all there!!!

~ Team Eeat

**Re-posted with Permission from Angelica with athyme2bcomforted

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