Friday, March 19, 2010

The Great American Bake Sale

LittleSnowflakes is participating in the Great American Bake sale! Be sure to stop by our Etsy site and order your baked goods to help support the fight against Child Hunger in America. To support this effort LittleSnowflakes will donate 50% of the sales of participating items. Look for the Bake Sale Logo on items included in this program.

YOU can help by one of two ways:

1)Visit our Etsy shop and buy one of our participating items. We will donate 50% of the sale to the fight against Childhood Hunger in America.

2)Or you can go directly to our Team Page and make a donation there.
LittleSnowflakes Team Page
(search for the team name: LittleSnowflakes after you click the Donation button)

We have set a goal to raise $200 to aide in the fight against child hunger in America. Please help us to reach this goal. Many of us have sent money to other countries to help THEIR children... now it is time to help OUR Children.

Here are some interesting facts about what YOUR donation to this cause can do:
  • $25 Can help feed one child three healthy meals every day for a month.
  • $50 Can help connect one child with healthy meals throughout the summer.
  • $100 Can help provide 25 children facing hunger with backpacks full of healthy food to feed them and their families over the weekend.
  • $200 Can help buy grocery bags of healthy foods for 50 families in need.
  • $500 Can help reach twelve low-income families with a life-changing, six-week nutritious cooking and food budgeting course.
So come on folks! Let's work together to put a STOP to Childhood Hunger in America!

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