Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The MONSTER Within

This morning's post is going to be a rant about teenage, no Young Adult Sons that are still living at home. Of course I am sure that this could probably also apply to Young Adult Daughters, but for my situation it is a son.

When did my sweet little boy become such a horrible inconsiderate MONSTER?! He is 19 years old and attends Junior College in our town while living at home. He has a VERY part-time job and contributes less and less to the household every day. Lately he seems to do no more than Eat our food, Sleep in the room that we provide, use our Hot Water to take 1/2 hour showers, and use our Internet Service until all hours of the morning. *insert frustrated Mom sound here*

I simply do not understand the youth of today. We do not ask him to pay rent. We only ask a few small things from him:
  1. Clean the kitchen in the morning and after dinner. This means wipe counters, load and unload the dishwasher, and sweep the floor.
  2. Take out the trash on trash days (Monday and Thursday)
  3. Clean his bathroom on Saturday
  4. Do not park on the street. We have perfectly good driveway. Use it!
  5. Give us a courtesy call if you are going to be out past 1am.
  6. Stay on A/B honor roll so that we continue to get the "good student" discount on your auto insurance.
Five simple rules. Or so you would think. Nope! Apparently I am being too intrusive when I ask him what is going on after he bites my head off for asking him a question. You see, HE needed me to print out a paper that HE decided to type up at the last minute. However since he neglected to install a MS Word on the laptop that WE gave him, his word processing program doesn't translate well into MY program. Point being I stopped what I was doing (getting the kindergartner ready for school) to print HIS paper only to discover that the font was too small. Of course it was MY fault! *insert another frustrated Mom sound here*

THEN he actually had to move his car so that his Dad could leave for work. Never mind the fact that I told him the night before to park IN FRONT of his Dad. But Nooooo, he didn't want to do that because he might want to go get ice cream or something and didn't want to have to take one of our cars. So instead he gets ticked off because the people that pay the mortgage have to go to work.

I could go on and on with the list of things that we quarreled over this morning. I just don't understand WHY it is asking too much for him to be respectful and not question things we ask him to do. WHY is it asking too much for him to contribute to the upkeep of the household by doing 1 or 2 chores? WHY is it MY fault that he is cranky because he stayed up until all hours of the morning texting and is too tired to be courteous to his Mom?

You know, I tried to ask these questions. The response I get is : "I don't have time to sit here and have this conversation with you."

I ask you gently readers.... WHEN oh WHEN did my loving son become the MONSTER that I now see before me? Does this horrible being live deep inside every teenager waiting for the day that it can escape and take over?

Be warned... inside sweet little Johnny and precious little Suzie is a horrible Teenage/Young Adult MONSTER living, waiting, and watching for it's chance to break out!

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