Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Club Penguin

Ok, are you feeling up to some mindless fun to waste time at your computer? I have to tell you about the on-line game/community that my son introduced me to. It's called Club Penguin. My thought is that this is Disney's answer to the Sims craze that took over in recent years. Yes this is controlled by Disney.

There are two ways to play... 1) You can get a "paid" membership and get ALL the perks or 2) You can get the FREE version and wait patiently to find the FREE stuff when Disney decides to be generous. Personally I think the FREE version is more fun, because finding the FREE stuff has been the challenge. As most Moms, I LOVE FREE!

Anyway, in Club Penguin you become this little chubby penguin tha waddles around a virtual world that is perpetual winter. You can play games by yourself like Ice Fishing, or if you want to play with friends try Downhill Sled Races, Connect Four, or Mancala(I have yet to figure this game out). You can even boogie in the Disco, Chat over Coffee (or hot chocolate), and Dine on Fish Pizza with other Penguins.

Recently the Island was taken over by Rockhopper madness. Everyone was trying to find the famous Penguin Pirate named Rockhopper. Yes I must confess that even I was taken in by this little adventure. I also admit that it became increasingly frustrating to see everyone finding him BUT me! Oh well now he has left the island and I am off on the newest adventure to hit Club Penguin.... Halloween! Currently the on-line penguin world is decorated for Halloween. Once you grab your trick-or-treat pumpkin (go to the snow forts to find this) you can follow the clues to find the hidden Halloween treats. Right now i have found five of them.

Well I am going to end for today. No, I am not leaving to go to Club Penguin. I really DO have some work to get done.

Happy Halloween!

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